Being unavailable to love

There is a lot made about men being unavailable to love, very little about women being unavailable to love.

My recent journey has highlighted how I have been Unavailble to love.

Being unavailable to love is in other words being afraid of loving as you believe you are unlovable.

This arises from painful experiences that we expriences at any stage of life from people who we believed or expected to love us.  now there a number of things at play here.  We end up seeing love used for manipulation, for control for abusing.

Love does not seem to be “clean”.  Look at how many novels and dramas portray the hardship of true love.  How many magazines are sold on the back of themes such as “betrayal” and unrequited love.  We are constantly surrounded by messages of love being tough to get and tough to keep.

What is not discussed openly is how our personal experience of love from childhood and beyond influences us in the love game.  Ways we stay unavailable to love:

Career focused too busy to stop

Life focused social butterfly

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