Breaking up & making up with myself

Are you your own best friend.

Can you imagine how life would change if you were?

Over the last few days I have read several articles about narcissistic behaviour.

We have a common perception that narcissist are simply self centred manipulative individuals whose sole purpose in life is to amuse themselves at the expense of others.

As I dive deep into self examination; understanding creating space for my hurt inner child, breaking old habits, relearning who I don’t want to be and who I might like being; it is surprising for me to realise also that I carry, express and practice certain “narcissitic” traits as a way of making the world “alien” to me. I use this as a way of keeping my relationships superficial.

Basing My character, habits and reactions to life on My inner child’s world-view template – one that taught me I had to be a people pleaser and “sweet as pie” to be accepted in this world, it’s no wonder I use tools to “call” for what i mistakenly believed only others can give me, not really believing  I deserved it.

Hence the angry me, uses the “sweet as pie” narcisstic mask to build sand castles of self love that are rooted in resentment of childhood abandonment and not in any true idea of who I am or who I can be.

The journey continues as does that of every Teacher, Guru, practitioner of the wiser heartful living community I have brushed up against.

If like me you are finding your vision of you is fighting with an inner disconnection from the beautiful you hiding within, join me in a new process I call “making up with me”. Let’s journey to self discovery supporting each other.

Contact me via email, text; whatsapp  if you are interested in sharing and supporting yourself and others through this journey of making up with You. Or click here to join the Facebook group.

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