I got interviewed!

Hey did I tell you I got interviewed lately?  No?!… so unlike me considering I talk for a living! hehe!

There I was lazily browsing through Facebook, noting various points of interest, when I was actually meant to be preparing for a work trip to Stockholm.  Facebook & of course, all social media platforms, tempt and distract us with some exquisite gems which is why they are so utterly engrossing.  Through social media we can learn what former colleagues are doing: what organization is planning the launch of a much longed for, never created before product that we really cannot understand how we ever lived without, like the recent launch of the Roti-matic!  But I digress, a reflection of the distractive power of the internet.

In amongst the many posts of recommendations for an easier life or sharings of memories from home for a community of Asians in Scandinavia, I found a post from Gagan.  Gagan was interested in interviewing Asian entrepreneurs; anyone who had created a business and were living out a passion; for his newly created podcast platform Globalise-Asian.  Reading his post I felt a thrill go up my spine and an inner urge to connect with Gagan.  We got in touch & to cut a long story short, Gagan, a successful Banking Professional with his co-founder Vatsala, a successful Medical Affairs Specialist;  – lovely, lively, genuine people after my own heart; Invited me to be a guest for their podcast.  I was really thrilled and loved every minute of it.  It makes a change to be the interviewee rather than the interviewer.

You can subscribe to their podcast stream on Apple iOS and Android Apps; Or and find out more about their channel and subscribe as detailed at Globalise-Asian. They are breaking into an area that is becoming more popular daily, connecting individuals and introducing impactful, new businesses, products, etc to a greater audience.

A little bit of background, Gagan and Vatsala, have built successful careers in London.  Gagan being an unlimited person with a curious mind, decided to create something unique.  He set himself a task to create a “hobby” .  Researching ideas for his hobbies he decided, he loves people, he loves sharing and he loves learning.  He is fascinated by the Asian spirit of entrepreneurship; how people have created lives in foreign lands and gone onto to become successful entrepreneurs establishing themselves as  groundbreaking visionaries in their own right.  He is curious about how Asians are tapping into the new technologies, business platforms or creating unique businesses globally.  Meeting Vatsala was one step closer to creating this platform and they have become a complementary team looking to make real impact in the online networking arena.

in fact, their podcast channel promises to become the latest “Reuters”, breaking business and life impacting news of interest for Asians all around the world.

I loved meeting Gagan with his soft, gentlemanly manners and boyish curiosity and Vatasala is a unique blend of warmth, sparkle, bubbles and organisation.  It felt to me like I was having tea with two great friends.  It was extremely easy to feel at home with them both and just let myself be free.

Please check them out at Globalise-Asian and subscribe to their podcast via Android and iOS podcast apps.  Please do come back and let me know what you thought of my interview which will be going live on the 13th May.

I wish Gagan and Vatsala every success with this new venture.  Thank you for your interest in my work.


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