Knowing You

know self

Accessing the Spiritual Power Within

1 Year 1-2-1 Coaching Program

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in working with me as your
Spiritual Development coach.

This program is a 11 month one to one process, with sessions taking place on a weekly basis over a year allowing for 4 weeks holiday over the year.

We work each week to nurture a connection within you with all aspects of yourself including:

  • the divinity within you
  • your inner child
  • your inner parents
  • Your emotional self
  • Your mental self
  • Your physical body

all aspects of yourself which learnt to function in ways to support you as best as they could and in the process your truth got hidden in the challenging reality of your day to day life. Awareness, connection, understanding and practice make this work challenging and powerful.

At times of differences and conflicts we manifest a disconnection from the most powerful part of ourself.

Together we will work to create a healing loving environment for all of your separate parts uniting them in ways to harmonise and strengthen your confidence in the power within.

During this program we create a personal and secure space that helps you be who you are wholly,  a space for you to come into

    • Knowing
    • Acceptance
    • Understanding
    • Practice
    • Encouragement
    • Creating deeper self love for you.

I am confident that with your courage, regular engagement, your continued focus on rediscovering the best of you, honing your personal intuition and refining your personal relationship with yourself as you develop a loving relationship with your reality and your truth, we will continue to advance towards the goals you have.

During this program, you will gain strengths in:

  • Practices to recognise your inner self
  • Self belief
  • Greater Creativity & Expressing it
  • Greater Self awareness
  • Healthier boundaries
  • Nurturing your own needs and those of others within your means
  • Making space in your own life for you
  • Creating and reordering Nurturing Relationships
  • Rebuilding Broken Bonds with the most divine and powerful part of you
  • Make space for the adventures you have been avoiding

If you feel you are ready sign up now.

In line with these intended outcomes, and to make sure we are using our time together effectively, I wanted to set up some guidelines for our future work together.

The basic guidelines are:
1) What I will give you:

I will guide you to understand situations which occur in normal life each week for you from an enlightened, unattached place.

I will guide you to try out various tools in practice to enhance your connection with your inner wiser divine self.

This will be part of your loving journey to knowing yourself better.

2) What we will do together

I believe setting a measurable goal for each 12 weeks of the program of coaching helps us stay on track with the ultimate goals you wish to achieve.

3) What you are required to commit to during this program

Showing up to the sessions in a timely manner.

I would like you to focus on the integration and results of the “homework” aspect of our work together.

Real change, real results means integrating the tools that “show” up for you during the coaching into your day to day life, not simply discussing.

For instance, if we discuss journaling, I not only want to know you are journaling but I want to dig deeper into what your journaling style is, what your journaling is revealing about your practices and patterns and use this information to set the next step of practical action to integrate and manifest real change in your life where it matters most. The tools will involve regular meditation, journaling, having fun or practicing tools such as EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), or practicing forgiveness and much more. I want us to make certain you are utilising these tools and integrating them in your day to day life to create the change you can believe in and be proud of.

Bring to the sessions your wins and your no shows, no shows means there is something deeper going on we need to face and heal.

All tools are given to bring to life your “inner Wisdom, Strengths & Dreams”.

I really want to bring these out for you to live your life by.

They will set up new strategies that will be the foundation of the more happier, intuitive, beautiful life waiting for you.

By setting some practical guidelines for our work and time together will make sure we are doing the best work we can together.

For that reason, I have created some coaching guidelines and a coaching agreement. These will be sent to you once you sign up for the program.

Please take your time to read through these thoroughly and make sure you are in agreement with these before we proceed further. My intention for setting these up is to set a higher benchmark for my work with you and the outcomes I would love to co-create with your self investment and self care.

We will proceed with the coaching once we are both in agreement with these guidelines, please click on the link below to make your payment. The payment is your financial investment in your personal development and this bespoke program of self care.

My guidelines will help you stay invested from a personal and practical sense in revealing the powerful you. The one who can co-create the amazing life and success you are capable of and much more.

Once payment has been made we will start the coaching at a mutually suitable time.

With my deepest love and respect,


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