12 week online & home study course

Curriculum For This Course


Starting 4th January 2019

We will meet once a week every Tuesday evening online to practice being in the presence of our Angels creating a life based in LOVE

There will be videos, meditations and practice notes as we progress along this road.
As a teacher who channels as I work, I will not set a strict curriculum to be followed.

The main rules for participants are:

  • Join in
  • Let’s figure out what stops you connecting with love, asking for and receiving the guidance help, love and support of the angels and your guides.
  • Commit to yourself PLEASE show up you will see the results.
  • Practice at home daily the practice is being in awareness at least 15 mins. Routine and weekly daily practice is important
  • Engage in the Facebook group
  • Our FB group weekly question and answer and practice sessions
  • Pdf downloads & video of the weekly lessons
  • Be respectful
  • Each of us is unique in that one’s experience does not have to mirror another’s. I have seen infinite ways that spirit will get through to us using methods that are personal to you.

Introduction to  

  • Difference between love and fear
  • Being HUMAN
  • Body-Mind Connection
  • Angels/Archangels & Guides
  • Who are you? your soul, your personality
  • Intuition
  • Interpretation of messages/Guidance
  • Emotions vs Logic
  • Practical work
  • Recording keeping journals
  • Taking the work deeper

You will learn how to

  • Create a Mindful Living practice
  • Connect and make space for yourself and others
  • Suggestions for sacred space for creating a relationship
  • Who or what is the benevolent force that surrounds us?
  • Experiencing this force
  • Angels/Guides/God/Source, creator, how does it work?
  • What is blocking you
  • How to align to your deepest desires
  • How to tap into the universes support
  • Allowing support to manifest your dreams
  • Clearing blocks

The cost of this 12 week online course where you are part of a facebook group where you will meet weekly and you will practice on your own as well as with others that are learning alongside you.

Which will include weekly online meetings, meditations, PDF course notes and question and Answer session with Reshmi is £297 only.

Click here to pay now and become a member of the group.



“The course we did with your was Amazing” Caroline Nov 18″Thank you so much Reshmi, Just listened to our last session from June,  and it is just magical how correct your imformation always is, can’t wait to see you again soon” Tinna Aug 2018

“You have so accurately, put into words how I feel inside my body, Something I could not make the doctors or even my family understand.  With your guidance I am listening and understanding better what is happening in my body each day” Caroline, Herts Sept 2018


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