My Queendom Rules

You are here because you are a Queen. You are building the business or career you have always dreamt of and much more.

You are here because you have achieved a lot.

You are here because in creating a world of your own you are a Queen creator….Yet you do not feel like the Queen you are.

Yet when it comes to your personal life you are losing ground fast.

You have no me time.

Your relationships intimate or otherwise, leave you hurt, confused, drained.

Your personal life has lost it’s attraction and joy for you.

You continue to attract partners who fail you or your relationship.

You feel a deep a emptiness inside of you.

You feel used and abandoned.

You feel misunderstood

You live life pivoted around your career, business or other people. All things whose demands are increasing.


I AM here because I’ve been there!

I AM here because it is my purpose to help you be a Queen in all areas of your life.

I AM here because I have the ability to zone in to your hidden mysteries of why you suffer.

I AM here because you need me to be your guide, mentor & coach as you recover the Creative girl who needs the right loving guidance to become a QUEEN in her inner QUEENDOM.


As an Intuitive Empath and Coach I reawaken your passion to Self Discovery, Self Acceptance and Self Realisation using innate tools you’ve forgotten.

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