Rebalancing & Renewing Retreat

Rebalance Renew Re-treat

7 day online retreat 

in the comfort of your own home

Rebalancing Renewing Re-Treat

Join us for a week long online retreat from the comfort of your own home

Starting Sunday February 27th till 5th February 2022

Our intention is:

“The support of our breathing and the ground will be our Mother’s womb of nourishment, helping us feel safe.” Helga

“We will facilitate womb healing and pre-womb healing. returning to the womb to be reborn free of sadness. Preparing the ground for your future. Seeding your dreams.”


All sessions will take place on zoom

Start Date: Sunday 27th February 2022 Time: 10am till 5pm European Standard time with an hour break for lunch.

From the 28th till the 4th February we will connect in the evening 6:30 to 8pm on zoom

Last day: Saturday 5th February 2022 Time: 10am till 5pm European Standard time with an hour break for lunch.

All sessions will be live on zoom on registration you will be sent meeting instructions.

We will focus on each chakra and the area it influences physically & emotionally in your life.

What we feel will lead us forward.

There will be meditations and practice notes in the course.

Your Facilitators:

Helga Hoenen

Helga Hoenen

Helga Hoenen has been studying languages, physical education, ethnic dances and different paths of self-inquiry and meditation. She has been working for many years at university in the department of physical education, assisted in Feldenkrais trainings and teaches anatomy and awareness practice in Yoga trainings.

She is a Sensory Awareness (1990), Feldenkrais (1997) and an Embodied Life (2011) practitioner. Her main interest is to support people in getting again access to their true nature and the life giving forces. She lives in Southern Germany and runs a private practice.

Reshmi Purmar

Reshmi is an Empath, Psychic & healer. She has been on this path consciously for over 20 years and has trained in many modalities such as Reiki, Ortho-BIonomy, NLP, various Massages,  Reshmi loves to explore the mind body spirit connection and how this shows up in our experience of life. She uses her intuitive abilities & many years experience in the various

therapies to empower women from to liberating their innate treasures, reclaiming their voices, proudly owning their

independent Choices through Mindful meditation,& energetic exercises.

As a channels of intuition we will not set a strict curriculum to be followed.



We invite all registrants to participate fully:

  • Join in fully
  • Let’s clear that which stops you connecting with love, asking for and receiving the guidance help, love and support you desire
  • Practice at home daily the practice in being in awareness at least 15 mins.
  • Be respectful
  • Each of us is unique in that one’s experience does not have to mirror another’s. I have seen infinite ways that spirit will get through to us using methods that are personal to you.
  • Love as a guiding principle instead of fear
  • Being HUMAN celebrate your Body-Mind-Soul Connection

You will learn how to tune into your body’s innate wisdom and go at your own pace.

  • We offer you a space to Create a Mindful Living practice to explore What is blocking you in a loving way
  • Who or what is the benevolent force that surrounds us?

The cost of this 7 day online retreat 350€ only.

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Rebalance Renew Re-treat


“The course we did with your was Amazing” Caroline Nov 18

“Thank you so much Reshmi, Just listened to our last session from June,  and it is just magical how correct your information always is, can’t wait to see you again soon” Tinna Aug 2018

“You have so accurately, put into words how I feel inside my body, Something I could not make the doctors or even my family understand.  With your guidance I am listening and understanding better what is happening in my body each day”

Caroline, Herts Sept 2020

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