Reiki Masters Course




  • You are on the threshold of major change
  • The world is a magical mix of energy and matter
  • We create our reality through perception and beliefs
  • You know and feel there is more to you and the world around you than is visible to the naked eye
  • You think of someone or dream of something and there the very next day you are faced with it
  • You sense shifts in the energy around you
  • You have been practicing Reiki at level II for a while and wish to explore deeper.

My next 6 month online Reiki Masters course is due to start in first week of January 2020.

Reiki addresses many issues and to have a deep understanding of how to use the power of Reiki to create profoundly powerful change as well as for manifesting requires practice and understanding of much more than simply how energy works.
This course will walk you through impact of Reiki on:
  • Connection between spirit-physicalbody-mind
  • Understanding subtle bodies
  • Issues from Past lives
  • Understanding our relationship with the great universal I AM
  • Harmonising Male and Female energies in our evolving world
  • Bringing energy away from past and into the present
  • How to utilise Reiki in the Law of attraction and much more.


Each week we will meet online at a regular time and you will have assignments to complete.
Please get in touch if you have questions.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in working with me as REIKI MASTER coach.

This program is an online weekly group process.  We work each week to nurture a connection within you and all aspects of yourself. We look at the issues come up for ourselves, our students and clients. The training is about understanding REIKI and above all PRACTICING Reiki.

Together we will work to create a healing loving environment for all learnings and growth.

A space that helps you be more integrated, more grounded more present.

A space for you to come into

  • awareness
  • Experience
  • acceptance
  • understanding
  • encouragement

I am confident that with your courage, your continued focus on rediscovering the best of you, honing your personal intuition and refining your personal relationship with yourself and REIKI we will continue to advance towards the goals you have.

During this program, you will gain strengths in:

  • Self belief
  • Deeper understanding and experience of REIKI
  • Greater Creativity & Expressing it
  • Healthier boundaries
  • Nurturing your own needs and those of others within your means
  • Making space in your own life for you
  • Nurturing Relationships with all aspects of yourself and others

In line with the goals of this workshop, to make sure we are using our time together effectively, I will set up some guidelines for our work together.

I am committed to guide you to understand situations which occur in normal life each week for you and how REIKI can work in those situations.

This will be part of your loving journey to knowing REIKI better.

I would like to focus on the integration and results of the “homework” aspect of our work together.

Real change means integrating the tools that “show” up for you during the training and living.

By setting some practical guidelines for our work and time together will make sure we are doing the best work we can together. For that reason, I have created some training guidelines and a training agreement. This will be sent to you once you sign up for the program.

Please take your time to read through these thoroughly and make sure you are in agreement with these before we proceed further. My intention for setting these up is to set a higher benchmark for my work with you and the outcomes I would love to co-create with your self investment and self care.

You will join the program once we are both in agreement with these guidelines.

Please click on the link here to make your payment and enrol.

This is your financial investment in your own personal development.

Our agreed guidelines will help you stay invested from a personal and practical sense in revealing the powerful you.

The one who can co-create the amazing life and success you are capable of and much more.

The fee for the 6 month online training is £650.

Once payment has been made you will be added to the exclusive Facebook group for the REIKI MASTERS STUDENTS in your group.


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