The Elusive Relationships 1 to 1 Coaching

The Elusive Love

You are here because you are an Awakened Being and yet feel unresourced, confused, conflicted and stuck in your relationships.

You are aware life can either be what happens to you when you sleep walk through your days or it can be the life you co-create with the Divine force that lives within you and expresses through you.

Your life to date has been an adventure, at times powerful, at times overwhelming.

Having built the career or business you were drawn to, you have found repeatedly that life deals you lemons when it comes to relationships.

You may have married young and outgrown your partner, or been betrayed by them or you are yet to meet the ONE who makes your heart skip. Repeatedly, you’ve met THE ONE  who inevitably lets you down, pushes you away or confounds you with their lack of commitment and unreliability.  Do you find yourself repeatedly rejecting potential partners who leave you feeling shortchanged?

You love them yet neither of you understands each other, arguments mount up.  How long can you continue to let disagreements pass without resolution? You feel exhausted by it all.

Or even worse, no amount of looking is helping you find that elusive dream partner you know is out there for you.

Your personal life has lost its joy for you.

You continue to attract partners who fail you or your relationship.

You feel a deep emptiness inside of you.

You feel used, abandoned, misunderstood.

You love life pivoted around your career, business or other people, all things whose demands are increasing, leaving you little time to date or create a relationship you can commit to.

I AM here because I’ve been there!

I AM here because it is my purpose to help you attract, co-create the relationship you deserve consciously from an Empowered place.

My name is Reshmi Purmar, I am an Intuitive Empathic Relationship Coach.  I AM here because I have the ability to zone in to your hidden mysteries of why you are stuck or why you suffer. I am here because spirit has taught me, through personal experience, and various relationships how to turn relationships around or choose the right relationship.  Spirit guided me to  become conscious and aligned to my inner truths to attract and co-create the love I deserve.

I AM here because you need me to be your guide, mentor & coach as you recover the magnetic attraction you were born with to attract and keep the Sacred Conscious relationship you deserve.  A relationship that honours your Divine Feminine and Divine masculine.  I am here to hold the space and guide you through the darkness to attract and build a relationship with someone who is willing to work as hard as you to co-create and nurture a relationship that embraces the shadow, the divinity within whilst loving, owning, clearing habits of separation and misunderstandings.

You know you are someone who needs the right loving guidance to become a Sacred Lover, consciously showing up in authentic Relationship, romantic and otherwise.


As an Intuitive Empath and Coach I reawaken your passion to Self Discovery, Self Acceptance and Self Realisation using innate tools you’ve forgotten.

Through this Sacred Empowered Relationship coaching, you will learn to bring awareness into the dynamics of your relationships.

You will become familiar with deep subconscious patterns that run your relationships.

Patterns that have coded your relationship muscle for any number of things from Conflict to Struggle to being Unavailable or unseen in relationships.

This programme is designed for those that want to take responsibility for the changes that they need to implement to create the results they desire. If this sounds like you, read on.

The programme consists of:

  •  12 x 50 minutes deep one-to-one coaching sessions.
  • The Sessions are held fortnightly to ensure consistently momentum for achieving desired outcomes.
  • Access to me during those 24 weeks, in case you need the extra support through email and text messages.
  • Learning Various Energetic and Spiritual Tools – tools that you will get to trust through practical application in daily life to help you stay results focused for the rest of your life.
  • Have a much deeper understanding and awareness of yourself and your relationships.
  • Heal your relationships not just you Love Life.
  • BONUS – you get access to my private facebook group where I share various somatic skills and much more to help your body take on the changes it needs to EMBODY.

If this sounds like the personal private coaching programme to get you on track with your relationships, click below to sign up now to get started on that journey to Conscious Empowered Relationship.  The cost of the programme is on £1797.

Sign up here.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you create the relationship you deserve.

Thank you.


“I’d recommend Reshmi,too! She has helped me clear blocks in my life ot enable love to flow.” Pramal February 2021

“I would love to share my sincere appreciation and high recommendation for a powerful healer, psychic, and coach Reshmi Sha’uri Ha’nah Purmar Reshmi, has assisted me on many occasions when pain, confusion and anxiety stopped me from moving ahead in life. Her loving, compassionate and yet powerful abilities as a healer, coach, and many multitude of tool kits -EFT, psychic, countless.. are marvellous, and she KNOWS which one to use for your need AT THE TIME. Her mere presence, and her smile from heart is a healing experience in itself. If you are seeking, a relief from trauma, she will hold a space for you. She has a such an intense vision for your wellbeing, that you will have no choice but to surrender to that vision for your own benefit. If you are looking a healing, clarity and support to succeed in your life, reach out to Reshmi Sha’uri Ha’nah Purmar Much love to you Reshmi Sha’uri Ha’nah”. Pranita Feb 2021

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