Online Tarot Course

Online Tarot Course

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This is an online Tarot training that will take place over zoom sessions over 2 days.

The aim of this course is to give you an introduction into the world of Tarot, including interpretation of the symbology of Tarot.

The outcome is a foundation to Tarot reading that we encourage you to build on through practice and Meditation.

For the introduction we will be using the Mythic Tarot deck which you can purchase on Amazon or any tarot or spiritual bookshop.


What you’ll learn
  • How to tune into your intuition
  • How to ground and protect yourself
  • What meanings symbols are given in the traditional tarot deck
  • How to ensure you can give accurate psychic readings with the tarot
  • How to use the tarot to deepen your connection with yourself
  • Consult the tarot for quick questions and detailed readings 
  • Know the best way to consult the tarot for important decisions
  • Understand how to use the tarot to heal any challenge in your life

What you need to take part

  • Mythic Tarot deck
  • Notebook for Journalling
  • Zoom app you can download for free at

Discover the power of symbols in Tarot and the remove the mystery of Tarot.

With over 9.5 hours of content, this course is way more than just the average tarot course where students learn Tarot Card Meanings while a teacher reads notes out over slides.

This course will guide you to break away the mystery of Tarot and build your own relationship with Tarot so that you feel confident consulting the Tarot for yourself , for situations and for others.

By studying the tarot card meanings  and working on developing your own intuition, you can help others reveal the best nest step and make appropriate supportive decisions with ease and gentleness.

  • Give Ethical Tarot Readings
  • Use Psychic Protection before each reading
  • Read the cards intuitively for more accuracy

You will have full access to private Facebook page where you can build up your confidence by practicing with other students from the course, I will share and monitor the exchanges as and when possible in this group.

So enrol now and change your destiny by learning to give tarot readings like a professional.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in Giving an Accurate Tarot Card Reading
  • Tarot Readers who wish to get to know and demystify the Tarot.


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