David Meade *****

15 February 2020

I met Reshmi a few years ago and right away I could feel a connection. Our seemingly random meeting through a mutual acquaintance at the time was in hindsight not so random. She was able to offer insight and support on what was happening in my life at that time. Our paths crossed again when Reshmi offered Reiki level 1 course where we first met. I have since completed my level 2 Reiki and am currently doing my Reiki Master course with her. Reshmi is at all times supportive, encouraging and excellent listener. Offering insight at the right time that makes sense and resonates with me. With her teaching and guidance I’ve been able to step into my role as a healer to help and hopefully guide others who would like to take the same or similar path. I wholeheartedly recommend Reshmi to anyone seeking her guidance or training.
Love and Light,

Aimee Hagger *****

11 February 2020

I would totally recommend Reshmi. She has always been spot on and very clear with her readings and guidance over the years. Very trustworthy and loyal & honest. She has given me the tools for everyday living with a young family and helped me with my past problems. Thank you for your support & time you have given me. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Swapnaja ****

11 February 2020

My readings with Reshmi is a positive experience, she is an amazing person and psychic, who very quickly tunes into the issue. I find her advice both uplifting and helpful and she is very easy to have a connection with. I would fully recommend a reading with her. She delivers the messages in a very caring, empathetic and truthful way.
Thank you

Carol *****

10 February 2020

I’ve worked with Reshmi for 8yrs now. Reshmi is the sole reason I have been able to fulfill as much potential as I have. The encouragement, support, wisdom and love Reshmi provides a safe space to be heard and heal from trauma, blockages, past life and anything suppressing your evolution. I have had several healing sessions with Reshmi over the years incorporating many methods, all intuitively blended for you current needs. Reshmi took me through my reiki training to masters level and encompasses much more than standard reiki. Her attunements are also amazing and extremely aligning. I will continue to work with Reshmi as needed, she has becone a very trusted channel of the divine for all aspects of my journey. I appreciate her assistance, knowledge, wisdom and healing that covers all aspects of my path. She is amazing and I love her and I’m very blessed to have connected with her.

Rakesh *****

10 February 2020

We’ve known Reshmi for some years and have had readings from her. She’s always very honest for tells you as it is, good or bad and this is extremely important for self development. Furthermore her loving and caring nature always comes through and therefore I’d have no qualms in recommending her!!

Connie *****

10 February 2020

Reshmi is a genuine beautiful soul that is down-to-earth with her unique divine gifts. She is generous in offering services unconditionally. My first encounter with Reshmi was in a beautiful city Hong Kong many years ago. I was arranged by the divine to meet her through one of my teachers and friends and we connected. She offered to read cards for me. This special encounter called me to attend her workshop and there were many positive shifts during that time through the empowerment from the workshop. I am so grateful to connect physically with Reshmi at that time. We connect and share love. Beautiful souls, Reshmi is here if you feel the call.
In light,

Sakina *****

Mary *****

8 February 2020

Reshmi speaks from her heart to your heart. Highly recommended her.xx

8 February 2020

I have been having readings from Reshmi for the last few years, Reshmi has helped me with lots of guidance I felt very stuck in my life when I first went to see Reshmi but after having my first reading I felt there was light at the end of the tunnel she helped me to overcome a lot of fears I had and over the years she has been a great support to me almost like a mother figure she has always giving me the best advice and I feel a connection to her she is extremely good at what she does and you will not be disappointed in her work! She is very gifted 💜 I have had many readings but I always go back to Reshmi as I feel she is the best! Thank you Reshmi for all of your support throughout the years xoxoxo

Sonia *****

7 February 2020

I had a few sessions with Reshmi spread in a couple of months and the experience was just fantastic and very beneficial. Reshmi is just a great empath and has the power to make your inner self “talk”, which by the end of the day leads you to get aware of various emotions, beliefs and behaviour you’ve been hiding sometimes for almost all your life. She is also really practical and helpful when it comes to guide you and take the right steps to get over your negative feelings as sadness, fear, anxiety, etc…It’s is in that sense that Reshmi’s treatment to me was really useful and fruitful.

Ronnie *****

7 February 2020

It was great working with Reshmi and felt very comfortable. She took time to understand and ask the right questions. One thing that really made me feel eally comfortable and how genuine Reshmi is the fact she wanted me to use my own intuition and that the answers are within me. She would probe me and help me get clarity coupled with her intuition. It’s nice to have a helping hand now and again and would definitely recommend Reshmi.

Diana *****

7 February 2020

It happened that I had the opportunity to meet Reshmi face to face. From the very start I perceived her as a person full of wisdom and positivity just later to find out that she has been blessed by the Universe with another set of gifts that she uses to guide those is need. She was able to tell me/reconfirm things from different aspects of life that I was aware of and also things that I was totally unaware of which later as time went by made sense. Later, we also interacted over the phone, at first I was a bit reluctant to this idea but it proved to be just as effective as the face to face meeting. Personally I always got great practical advice from Reshmi no matter if I was beside her or at thousands of miles distance. If anyone feels that they need support, guidance or advice regarding a particular aspect of life or just life in general I would say that Reshmi is the right person to reach out to. Blessings

Jaya *****

6 February 2020

Reshmi is a gifted and talented soul. I came to know of her through a good friend. I loved the sound of her and simply had to get in touch. I realised that she has an amazing connection to this world and beyond what most of us can see. She opened up my mind and my heart which helped me in so many ways, I was able to get the guidance in which I seeked at that moment in time and found clarity and comfort in connecting with her. I would recommend reshmi to anyone who would need guidance in any form, you’d be surprised with the outcome.

Aine Walsh

6 February 2020

I went to Reshmi to help me get clarity and get help moving forward with my life.
She is amazing. I have no hesitation recommending her.


6 February 2020

Reshmi has a beautiful skill of reading energy and seeing situations from a higher perspective.

Connecting with her has given me valuable insights, comfort, and trust in myself. Our conversations have been empowering as I’ve become aware of things I wasn’t before and they’ve made me connect deeper to myself.

She has a unique ability to communicate in a clear and direct way while holding space with love and warmth. I love her joyfulness and complete acceptance of people and situations.

In our conversations I’ve always felt my best interest is her priority and she has given me gentle yet practical guidance to navigate overwhelming situations

Rain *****

6 February 2020

Ten days ago I had a session with Reshmi remotely (from one computer to another). Reshmi immediately got to the heart of the things in my life that were negatively affecting me, both on a physical and emotional level. She was incredibly accurate. The session was extremely thorough and I was given gentle help as well as lots of advice and guidance for the future. May of the ideas Reshmi pointed me towards had not occurred to me before. It was truly enlightening. I have been very busy putting into practice all her suggestions and I am feeling so much better already. It’s like someone switched a new light on to illuminate my path in life. I am so grateful to Reshmi who is a lovely person to work with, has deep wisdom and really wants to help.