Phenomenal Self Love Coaching

Exclusive Coaching 24 week program

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in working with me as your coach.

When you have high self esteem you build up greater resilience together with an adventurous mindset that becomes your biggest ally when creating the perfect career, business, relationship you desire & deserve. You want to clean up your relationship area or your life that feels heavy yet nothing works

I am confident that with your courage with continued focus on rediscovering the best of you, honing your personal intuition and refining your personal relationship with yourself, we will advance towards the goals you have.

To ensure our time together has to be effective, I have some guidelines for working together. The basic guidelines are:

My role is to show up for you at our dedicated times with the tools, techniques & practices that will become the foundation of your new empowered, self with true Self Belief.

We will explore the 4 pillars of Deep Self Love:

  • Self Commitment
  • Self Respect
  • Self Trust
  • Self Love

Together we set 8 week targets to stay on track with the ultimate goals you wish to achieve in your life.

Your responsibility is to integrate the practice and awareness part of our work in your day to day life with a focus on fully investing in “homework” aspect of our work together.

Real change means establishing new neural pathways. Which means practice integration, prectice integration, practice integration every step of the day.

Secondly be open to being challenged If you are someone who does not take being challenged about your behaviors, habits,resistances you and I are not a match. If you want real results you need to show up open and willing to be challenged to see what autonomic behaviours and thinking is getting in your way of the life you desire.

The tools that “show” up for you during the coaching show up because they are tried and tested by many. For instance, if we discuss journaling, I not only want to know you are journaling but I want to dig deeper into what your journaling style is, what your journaling is revealing about your practices and patterns. We use this information to set the next step of practical action to integrate and manifest real change in your life where it matters most.

Sometimes the tools will involve taking time to meditate or practice EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), or practicing forgiveness and much more. I want us to make certain you are utilizing these tools and integrating them in your day to day life to create the change you can be proud of. These tools are given to bring to life your “inner Strengths & Dreams” by using the tools you are commiting to loving and showing up for you.

I really want to clean out those subconscious mindsets and behaviours that are getting in your way, holding you prisoner to your limiting thoughts of yourself and the world. Living by the new rules is a great way to create the creative, happier, intuitive, beautiful life waiting for you.

Finally, it is important for my personal professional integrity, that we agree on practical guidelines for our work and time together. This ensures will make sure we are doing the best work we can together. To work with me, I have created some coaching guidelines and a coaching agreement. These will be sent to you in an email. Please take your time to read through these thoroughly and make sure you are in agreement with these before we proceed further. By doing this we are setting up the intention to reach a higher benchmark for my work with you and you with yourself for the outcomes we wish to co-create with our individual investment and self care.

Once you have read these and you are in agreement with these guidelines, please click on the link below to make your payment. This is your financial investment in your personal development and self care. My new guidelines will help you stay invested from a personal and practical sense in revealing the powerful you. The one who can co-create the amazing life and success you are capable of and much more.

Once payment has been made we will start the coaching at a mutually suitable time.

I am honoured to be sharing this journey with you.

Thank you once again for your confidence in me.

With my deepest love and respect,