Viral infection = viral thinking 

If you subscribe to the theory that you create what you focus on then pray tell me, How do we create an environment in our body which is susceptible to a “viral infection”?

I’d like to share a personal story here.

I am “laid” up in bed today with a viral infection. The infection hit me on the last leg of my recent Stockholm and London tour and I arrived home exhausted and wiped out.

Despite that, now that I’m “only” home for 2 weeks; I’ve been building up an internal mental and emotional pressure to “get things done and in order” before I “jet off” again.

My inner dialogue which I sadly let loose as a result of living in “autopilot”; has been at me in a very critical; judgemental way criticising everything from the flights I took to the way I connected with family, new friends, new and old clients and on and on and on…

My inner voice has been telling me “people aren’t listening to me” and I am not “respected”; “my efforts are not valued” and really I am just a “failure”!

Truthfully; this inner me has been throwing a bit of a tantrum. Which I’ve pretended to ignore until now.  As I become present and “listen” to myself I realise my thinking became “Viral criticism and thinking” which is actually me attacking myself internally.  Viral because it was intensive, it was non stop; it needed a reason to get my attention and it was going to do it by “advertising” in every corner of my mind and body.  This is how we work.

This sense of failure got me feeling angry and creating various passive aggressive scenarios around me during my trip and on my return home as a way of projecting the responsibility for my self care, self love and acceptance outwards instead of inwards ie taking responsibility about how I treat myself.

So today as I dedicate myself to understanding how I created this space for the viral infection, I realise that:



In actual fact I keep repressing “me” in the delusion that “being there for others” will improve my street cred and get me the respect, etc. I’m failing to give myself, hence the frustration and anger I feel.

My viral criticism of self and the resulting circumstances I found myself in, left me vulnerable to a viral throat and chest infection!

Can you spot your viral inner chatter? And then ask yourself  what do you need to do to meet your inner needs?

Sometimes the more hurried the mind gets the more critical it gets.. that criticism becomes “viral” inside of us, attacking anything we think or feel, pointing us to look at everything about us with criticism and thus leaving us open to creating a “viral infection”.

So be compassionate towards yourself – examine and change your internal story.

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Love you all

Reshmi xx

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