What I Ache for..

I ache for peace.
Peace soaking deep into every cell of my being.

I ache for calmness to flow over me covering me like the softest of velveteen blankets and seeping effortlessly into my skin.

I ache for compassion & gentleness in the world.
So every step I take outside my home I am caressed by the warm looks and embrace of strangers even as my looks and energy caresses them.

I ache of understanding in every heart and your preciousness amplified wherever you stand, sit or lay.

I ache for soft touches from my family, friends and lovers; whether through words, acts or being.

I ache for healing words to float in the air reaching out to every soul that needs to heal and to belong.

I ache for the courage I need to feel this change within me so I can teach the world  to ease into this endless self love and compassion.

I ache for every human to know their love and the love of this world so as they venture out into it, they feel that love pouring into them from every corner of the Universe, from the blue skies above, being loved and teased by the clouds; to the intense rush of green radiating from the lush trees and plants pouring unconditional love for all to feel as it seeps softly, effortlessly through my skin.

(C) reshmipurmar

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